Champagne & Oysters Straight from The Ocean

Champagne and Oyster Day Tour in Moreton Bay

Your tour guide jumps into the ocean and wades towards the oyster lines in the cleanest freshest water you’ve ever seen. They retrieve a basket of oysters from the water. The champagne is popped as your tour guide expertly opens the oysters for you to eat, straight from the ocean.

You’re not cruising the chilly waters of Tasmania, nor are you exploring Coffin Bay. You are in the tropical waters of Moreton Bay, and it has taken you less than an hour to get here on your high speed boat from Brisbane.
River to Bay’s Champagne and Oyster tour is proving a ‘Must Do’ for locals and tourists alike. Tours are selling out each time they are listed on the website

On the way to the oyster farm on Moreton Island, passengers can sight dolphins, turtles, sting
rays and dugongs.

The River to Bay boats stop at the farm to fetch oysters straight from the ocean. Guides explain oyster farming as guests sample some of the best with a glass of bubbles in hand as the sun slowly sinks towards the horizon. For people with different tastes, there is an option to order a cheese board with cured meats ready to eat on the boat.

Quickly becoming an iconic experience for Brisbane and surrounds, River to Bay’s Champagne & Oyster tour is one to add to the bucket list.

The oyster season has just started in Moreton Bay so get yourself out on the water!

Press: Complimentary tours are available upon request.

You may download the images & video here.


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