Frequently asked questions.

Where do I meet my boat?

When you make a booking you will be able to select one of three pick up points:  City Botanic Gardens River Hub, adjacent to Stamford Plaza Hotel; New Farm River Hub, which is adjacent to the Powerhouse in New Farm Park, or Northshore Hamilton, which is out front of Northshore Harbour Café.

Is there parking available?

If you are driving to meet the boat, we recommend coming to Northshore Harbour, which is easily accessible from north or south of the Brisbane River and just off the Gateway Motorway.  There is also plenty of free parking at Northshore.  The New Farm River Hub also has some free parking inside the New Farm Park Ring Road.

What time should I arrive?

In order to keep to our schedule we ask that you are at the pontoon waiting for us at least 15 minutes before the scheduled pick up time.  If we arrive early we’ll start boarding immediately.

Is the tour suitable for kids?

You know your kids better than we do so we don’t set a minimum age.  However, we are on the boat all day and it will be windy and sunny.  We also do activities off the boat that require swimming ability and some walking. Generally not suitable for kids under 8, but between 5 and 10 at parents discretion.

Do I need to be able to swim?

No, but the tours will be more fun if you can.  Many itineraries involved guided or free time snorkelling and swimming.  The underwater world is a key part of Moreton Bay’s attraction.  Please ensure that you tell our tour leaders if you are not a strong swimmer so they can keep a close eye on you.

What do I need to bring with me?

Bring a small backpack or the like as storage space is minimal.  You’ll need comfortable clothes, hat, water bottle sunglasses, swimming attire, flip flops, sunscreen, and a towel.  In winter months something warmer as well as the wind can be quite cold.  You’ll also need some cash for onboard purchases.

Are food and drinks provided?

Depending on the tour, your fare might include an Island style hot lunch.  On top of this we’ll always provide plenty of water to refill your water bottles.  Drinks and snacks are available for purchase on the boats – cash only please as we may not have data reception out on the bay.

Do you cater for special dietary needs?

On booking, you will be given the opportunity to specify dietary preferences and we will accommodate them as best we can.  It is too late to do so on the day of the tour.

Are there any gear hire fees?

Everything you need is included in your all-inclusive fare.  We provide wet weather gear, snorkel equipment, noodles, wet suits as needed for no additional cost.  Additional options and souvenirs may be available at additional cost but are totally optional.

Do you cater for people with disabilities?

Our boats are safe and roomy, with a variety of seating options to cater for various levels of ability.  If you are in doubt, please contact our staff on booking and we’ll endeavour to accommodate your particular circumstances.  Make sure you let us know in advance.

Will I get seasick?

Moreton Bay is quite a big expanse of water, and on some days it can get rough.  Even on calm days, if you are susceptible to seasickness you may feel unwell.  Our advice is that if you are in doubt, you should seek advice on medication from a pharmacist and take that medicine well before you get on the boat, so it has time to work.  Also, please let the boat crew know as soon as you feel a little unwell and we can put you in a calmer seat and keep an eye on you.  Most people get seasick at some time in their lives, so please don’t be embarrassed about telling us.  Please be aware, once out on the bay, we cannot bring you back in at the expense of the rest of the boat.

Will I get wet on the boat?

Our boats will cruise at 25-30 knots, which will throw up a bit of spray in most weather conditions.  The boats are equipped with clear roll-down blinds all around, which mostly keep it dry.  However, boats are boats and there is always a chance you and your stuff will get a splash.  We recommend leaving things at home that just cannot get wet.

Do we have access to a toilet?

Yes, our boats are equipped with a full private toilet.  We also stop at some locations that have larger facilities.  Please let the crew know if you need to go while we are underway.

Are there any medical or health restrictions?

While this is not a thrill ride, our boats travel at speed and the water is sometimes choppy making for a bouncy ride.  While the seats are safe and comfortable, the motion could aggravate an existing back condition.  Similarly, some activities are strenuous and not suitable to be undertaken by people with heart conditions. If you are pregnant, you should consult your doctor before intending to ride for their advice.  While we don’t have in place blanket exclusions, you must let us know if you have any condition that may affect your ability to safely participate in the tour.  We reserve the right to refuse to take you in the interests of your own health and safety.