Enjoy the Best Beer and Cocktail Experience with Friday Legend’s Lunch Tour!

Relax, take a break, and have a flavourful afternoon cruising down Brisbane’s iconic lunch spots with River to Bay’s Friday Legend’s Lunch Tour! Guests can enjoy priority entry, seating, and amazing exclusive offers at Sea Legs Brewing Co. and Brisbane Distillery. With ice-cold beers in hand, guests can kick back and spend the day meeting mates and catching up with friends, family, and co-workers. It is the perfect tour to bond over drinks and to enjoy sightseeing around the Brisbane River.

Lunch Spots Highlights:

Sea Legs Brewing Co.Breakfast Creek Hotel - Brisbane Pub Tour

First stop of this tour is the Sea Legs Brewing Co. This spot is an iconic brewery known for being located under the Story Bridge at Brisbane’s Kangaroo Point. They’re also famous for their award-winning drinks which guests must try on site: Tropical Lager, Dr Swift’s Golden Ale, Sea Legs Pale Ale, Breakaway IPA, and Nitro Milk Stout.

Another must-try is their American style menu! Their menu perfectly complements the flavours of their ice-cold beers. The good food and brewery from Sea Legs Brewing Co. take guests away from the busy city for an hour of relaxation.

Brisbane Distillery

Brisbane Distillery

Second stop of this tour is Brisbane Distillery. The distillery is known for its complex cocktails and variety of local spirits and drinks. Guests can enjoy an after lunch pick me up experience with the locally made drinks combined with the best ambience that lightens their mood for the day.

The Friday Legend’s 3-hour guided tour is a fun beer and cocktail experience for guests who need to unwind. Our high-speed vessels will pick up guests from City Botanic Garden 15-minutes from departure time. Learn more about Friday Legend’s Tour, its itineraries, and secure your slot through this link: https://rivertobay.com.au/project/friday-legends-lunch/

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